1991 - 2011

The Mzabi group initiat in 1991 the Afrivision group, is not his first experience in electronics. Indeed, in 2011, the group was already a partner in Tunisia with the American giant automotive supplier Johnson Controls (now Vestion in 2014).


Born from the cooperation between Afrivision Group and Sony Corporation, Afrivision Electronics was established in 2011 to meet the need in electronic subcontracting the Sony brand in the southern Mediterranean and African markets.


With a flexible production tool, scalable and adaptable to customer demand, Afrivision Electronics through the creation of its purchasing division in 2013 was able to open a new sectors, like a Telecom, Electronic Security, appliances, GPS, Electric, lighting and Medical soon.


  • The proximity of the report production site in Europe

    • 2 hours flight from Paris and Frankfurt
    • 24 martime transport to the ports of Genoa and Marseilles.
  • A low-cost industrial services without risks

    • CMS line in a gray room class 5
    • flexible industrial tool and adapted to customer needs
    • perfect mastery of the partner-supplier network
    • low-cost board assembly in Tunisia
  • French and English speaker

    • French technical sales team based in France .
    • In the factory, technical staff  perfectly mastering French and English.
  • customized logistics.

    • Just in time
    • direct delivery to your final customer
  • Turnkey solution

    Due to our partnership network (R & D, Plastic injection, Packaging, Cabling) we manage to offer our customers a finished products ready to be marketed.


  • The guarantee of a total cost and optimized time possession

    • low-cost solution over the entire value chain
    • Logistics adapted to customer needs
  • The guarantee of a reliable quality with strict deadlines and commitments

  • Strict confidentiality is against technical and personal information of our clients